Boston Area News and Events

Annual Liturgy and Dinner 2014

On October 9 over 80 members of the Order celebrated our Annual Liturgy and Dinner at St. John’s Seminary in Brighton, MA. In addition to our beloved Chaplains, our Mass was presided by the new Bishop of Fall River, Most Reverend Edgar Moreira da Cunha, S.D.V., who was also our keynote speaker.

Bishop Moreira da Cunha shared, “I find myself in a new state, in a new diocese, in a place I’ve never been… I am convinced that this is really part of God’s plan.” Bishop da Cunha went on to encourage us to “look at your lives, your events, your own history and say, ‘Lord, thank you for bringing me here.”

It was a beautiful celebration of friendship and a reminder of the significance of our shared call to live our Malta charism in our daily lives and within our communities.

2013 Lourdes Pilgrimmage

The American Association has been participating in the International Order of Malta Pilgrimage to Lourdes since 1986. In recent years we have brought over 300 pilgrims each year, including approximately 50 Malades and their caregivers who are our special guests. They are cared for by the Knights and Dames, the Association’s Auxiliary, our physicians, nurses and clergy. The travel expenses for the Malades and their caregivers are funded by the American Association.

During the pilgrimage, we wear the service uniform of the Order with a patch showing our nationality, and join with our confreres from throughout the world in living the 900-year-old mission of the Order; Obsequim pauperum (service to the sick and the poor) and tuitio fidei (nurturing, witnessing and protecting the faith).