Boston Area Board

Damien DeVasto, DM, Chair

Damien DeVasto, KM
Area Chair

Kathleen Salisbury, DM Hospitaller

Kathleen Salisbury, DM

Craig Gibson, KM Membership Chair

Craig Gibson, KM
Membership Chair

Jack MacKinnon, KM Treasurer

Jack MacKinnon, KM

Msgr, Dennis Sheehan

Msgr. Dennis Sheehan
Area Chaplain

Paul Sandman

Paul Sandman, KM
Grants Chair

Sue Downing

Sue Downing, DM
Past Chair

Jim O'Connor

Jim O’Connor, KMOb
Senior Advisor

Joseph Feitelberg

Joseph Feitelberg, KMOb
Senior Advisor


Cardinal Sean O'Malley

Cardinal Seán O’Malley
Principal Chaplain

Boston is one of 29 Areas of the Order of Malta, American Association USA. Its members reside in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. The American Association, USA was created in 1927 and is one of three Associations within the United States. The Boston Area was established in 1974 and under the guidance of the Boston Area Board, over 250 Knights, Dames and Auxiliary commit themselves to live out their mission and provide their time and talents to a variety of charitable works.

A brief history of the Boston Area Leadership

1974 – 1984 The first Area Chair appointed was the former Governor of Massachusetts and U.S. Ambassador to Italy, the Honorable Ambassador John A. Volpe.   |   1984 – 1994 John A. Kaneb served as Area Chair for ten years.   |   1987 Women were invited to join the Order of Malta and Boston welcomed Charlotte Flatley and Ginny Kaneb among its first Dames.    |   1994* – 2000 John V. McManmon, Jr. served (2) three-year terms as Area Chair. *In 1994 the American Association revised its Area Chair term of office to three years.    |    2000 – 2006 James F. O’Connor was elected and served two terms as Area Chair.    |    2006 to 2009 Joseph H. Feitelberg was elected to serve a three-year term as Area Chair.   |    2009 to 2012 Suzanne Downing was elected to serve a three-year term as Area Chair.    |   2013 to Present Damien J. DeVasto was elected to serve as Area Chair.